Company specialized in embedded development, software and games for mobile device.

Nowadays, in the market, there are thousands of operating systems and software to meet various needs. However, there are few systems and software that meet the full needs of users and companies.

THE OS EMBEDDED develops systems according to customer needs. Customization of operating systems, software and games for marketing. Systems and software are developed in free platforms or respecting the platform’s user licenses.

Operating systems that have been customized for LINUX base are free to use, however the software of THE OS EMBEDDED is copyrighted, which requires activation. The vast majority of software that are installed on the Linux operating system is GPL.

The games that are developed are used in marketing. There are thousands of mobile devices in the world, and in some devices there are installed games for distraction in airports, restaurants, etc. Therefore, THE OS EMBEDDED develops games to publicize companies in various segments. They are simple and easy gameplay 2D games for all ages.